These are what parents have to say about us!

"To the Teachers in Kids & Kins,

Thanks for your patience and care given to my child for the past few years.

My child learnt to be more independent and caring towards others.

Thanks to all the lovely teachers!"


Elnathan's Mummy

"My 3 grandchildren Meg, Claire and Xuening started their learning journey with Kids & Kins Childcare Centre since each of them were about 2 years-old. I am thankful to Kids & Kins as they have a comprehensive program for the young children. All 3 of them thoroughly enjoyed the daily programmes. The Centre had also been been introducing the children to outdoor activities. Each time when they come home, they share with us the joy in their outings!"


Xue Ning's Grandpa

"Our daughter Chloe (K2 graduated in 2015) had started her Primary school journey 3 years ago. She coped well in school and was able to actively participate in other activities in the Primary school.

We credit this to the well-balanced curriculum and learning that Kids & Kins had provided for her. The additional activities such as excursion, outdoor play, water play and other activities helped contribute to her well-rounded development.

The teachers also showed great care and concern for the children. Other than imparting knowledge, moral values and right behaviour are also emphasized.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards Ms Li, Ms Jessie, Mrs Nasir and the rest of the teachers and staff at Kids & Kins for everything you have provided for Chloe! Thank you!"

Chloe's Mummy

"Big thank you to all the teachers in Kids and Kins for taking such good care of Dylan and Sarah, keeping them safe and for loving them so much. It felt more like entrusting my children to friends rather than to teachers. Keep up the good work teachers!"


Dylan & Sarah's Mummy


"Our boys attended Kids & Kins from 2012 – 2016.

We still remember the first day when they first stepped into Kids & Kins. At 20 months old, we were worried that they will become afraid and cry. However, to our surprised, they did not. By the 2nd day, they mingled well, and were playing with their peers.

They had learnt a lot from their teachers, principal and peers during their 4 years in Kids and Kins. They especially enjoyed the little science experiments that they did in class,  the Art and Craft lessons, and not forgetting their quarterly excursions.  The teachers had also prepared them for their Primary School life, which helped to lighten a lot of our worries.

We sincerely thank all the staff at Kids and Kins for the hard work and care they have rendered to the boys. A BIG THANK YOU!!"

Kaeden & Kieren's Mummy


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